A Complete Review On Yphone – The Best Toy Phone For Kids


The kids of this generation are digital insects. They know everything about technology and devices. Moreover, children are growing up in a world of smartphones and gadgets from the very beginning. Parents also prefer devices to track their child’s health, meals, and sleep patterns.

To begin with, you must keep phones hidden from the kids for a short time. However, you have to find solutions for your child’s safe browsing. Even if you succeed in keeping your kids away from phones and tablets, you will deprive them of the requirements of this world. They will feel bad for not knowing about gadgets as they grow up.

In this case, discovering the perfect toy phone for kids has relieved many parents. Yphone is not simply a dummy phone but has a range of unbelievable features that will safely keep your kids intact with the digital world.

Without wasting time, let’s know everything about it!

What Is Yphone?

With the mindset of children in particular, inventors have designed toy phones for kids. It has a plain design with accessible and easy features and controls. This phone specifically has games, social media apps, and other video streaming apps for children. 

Furthermore, a child understands the working of phones, in particular, that is kids oriented. Moreover, strict parental control is built into the phone to keep a check on all apps. Additionally, it has exciting and fun features that children interact with.

Apart from this, the model of this phone is durable as kids often throw the phones on the floor. Normal phone screens and body damage after one mishap, but Yphone guarantees reliability.

In a nutshell, this phone is becoming a craze among new kids. This professional invention is a gift for parents and a relief to their worries. As children are curious about new things, they also want one when adults use a phone.

In order to save yourself from buying expensive phones and tablets for kids, you can buy this kid’s phone instead. Moreover, the illegal content cannot be accessed by children on this phone. This phone is the best choice to keep your hyperactive kids composed and engaged.

Why Is Yphone So Popular?

This model has proved to be the best discovery for kids and toddlers especially. Moreover, it is full-time entertainment for babies as well. It is both attractive as well as feature full. There is an excellent build-up for the kids. 

Additionally, it has different colors, designs, buttons, and models with characters to attract the kids more. Moreover, It also has other colors and buttons that play lights alongside kid tunes and songs.

Furthermore, music is therapeutic for fussy babies. Yphone has multiple music melodies to help calm a crying baby with sing-along applications. The sides of the phone display shiny bright lights. Moreover, this keeps the kids entertained and involved while you finish all your chores. 

In addition, the lights are multicolor, and the phone has a realistic appearance which addicts the children with it instead of your expensive smartphone. The size of this toy phone is similar to the original smartphone. Moreover, It also has a camera-like appearance at the back to trick the kids into a real phone.

Yphone Specifications

The simulator kids’ toy phone has been designed to fit tiny hands. There are specifications and models available for this toy. Such as

  • The measurement of this kid’s phone is 12.5 cm in length,5.8 cm in width, and 0.8 cm in thickness.
  • The design is compact and durable.
  • It weighs only around 90 grams to keep it easier for children.
  • There are basic white and black colors available for this toy phone.
  • The toy phone has a power switch and a USB charging interface.
  • It has a recharging time of 10-20 minutes.
  • The buttons on the phones make different modes accessible.
  • Around 10 sleeping sounds and 20 classic children’s songs are built into the phone.
  • The color buttons correspond with additional features of the kid’s toy phone.
  • No toxic materials have been used in its making, and it uses a form of plastic to keep the kids safe.
  • It can be used for 20 hours straight with android 4.0 ice cream sandwich software.

Yphone Modes

Currently, the Yphone has almost eight operational modes for kids’ involvement.

  • Question mode
  • Mobile mode
  • Game mode
  • Drum mode
  • Maths mode
  • Fruit pattern mode
  • Piano mode
  • Color mode

Features Of Yphone

The kid’s toy phone has been proven to be the best innovation. It has a color and attractive layout with several features for kids’ entertainment. Additionally, It has an easy-to-use interface that kids can control comfortably.

Additionally, the phone has games, videos, apps, and music within the kid’s genre. It also has a built-in camera, giving kids the feel of a real phone. You can keep your child engaged for hours without worrying about anything,

Moreover, kids have a special keenness to discover new things. All of the senses are involved and active while using this toy phone. So this is beneficial for the kids to learn new things digitally.

What Age Group Is Yphone Best For?

This toy phone is best for young kids, such as babies, toddlers, and children until 7-8 years old. This developmental phase of a child should be very productive and highly knowledgeable for the child.

From the age of 2 till puberty, a child builds habits, skills, and a knowledge base. To activate the kid’s strong cognitive abilities, it is best to involve them well without worrying about the negative effects an original smartphone can have on them.

What Is The Price Of Yphone?

This toy can be purchased on multiple online e-commerce stores such as amazon, eBay, Alibaba, Walmart, etc. The sale price ranges from $13.98 – $120, depending on the models, features, and designs.


  • Stylish design.
  • Full of colors and lights.
  • Improves the child’s motor and comprehensive skills.
  • Affordable and suitable for kids and parents both.
  • A range of music and sound effects.
  • Enhances a child’s cognitive and imaginative skills.


  • Some children are late learners and need adult help to operate it.
  • It can be too addictive at times for a baby.
  • The kid toy phone can be monotonous and boring for a child after some time.


To sum up, kids these days demand new toys and gadgets. In that case, the Yphone is the best choice to engage your toddlers. You feel stress-free when you know your child is browsing safely on the phone. Additionally, the original smartphones are very harmful to a child at a developmental age. You can research well before buying this toy phone for your kid. Moreover, it can be a perfect gift for your child.

So what do you say, which phone is better for your child? Leave your reviews in the comment down below.

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