All About Boba Tea- Origin, Recipes, And Where To Buy It

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Are you a foodie and love to try new combinations? If you are interested in trying new drinks, you might be familiar with boba tea. it compels every individual to know more about it. You must have heard a lot of hype about it.

What Is Boba, And Where Does It Come From?

Boba tea has a long history. There are two narratives for its origin. Moreover, If you roll back to the 1980s, A lady named Ms. Lin Hsi Hui took off tapioca pearls from her Taiwanese dessert and added them to her iced tea. This new and unique combination started getting popular eventually. Additionally, tea shops added bubble tea/boba tea to the drinks menu.

Contrarily some believe that tu- Tsong he, a tea house owner, once added white tapioca pearls to his tea and started calling it pearl tea. He added honey and brown sugar alongside black tapioca and sold it to his customers.

May it be the first or the second narrative, this amazing combination came in accidentally in Taiwan. Technically you can refer boba as tapioca pearls. Moreover, they are gluten-free chewy balls. They make them of tapioca cassava starch. In order to make them sweet, you can dip them into the sugar syrup. After that, the balls can be added to tea, coffee, slush, or smoothie.

At present, boba tea is famous everywhere in the world. However, Taiwan has the most number of shops for boba tea. With the increased popularity, you can enjoy them as add-ons in many forms. For example, pudding and jelly, etc. Moreover, you have to use special straws with wide openings to suck the boba. Mostly stainless steel or reusable metal straws are used in consuming boba drinks.

How To Make Boba?

Boba is made using starch and boiling water. It is kneaded into a dough to make spheres and other shapes. In order to add flavor and color, you can also add vanilla, caramel, and brown sugar. Once you complete the process, please put them in boiling water for 30 minutes.

Moreover, you can keep it tasteless and pair it with a variety of drinks easily. There are new popping boba varieties introduced now in the market. Additionally, they have colorful and fruitful flavors in them. You can make Boba tea with tea milk, ice, and chewy tapioca pearls.

Undoubtedly, it is a modern version of a Taiwanese heritage drink. If you wish to make bubble tea/boba tea at home, you can customize it according to your taste. Moreover, you can also control the calorie count in your boba tea cup.

Toppings On Boba

In order to complement your boba drinks base, you also need particular and popular toppings. You can add peach, lychee, and other fruit syrups to enhance the taste. Moreover, you can add milk and cream to make your boba tea different.

Some drinks are completely different from the green and black tea base—for example, taro milk, fruit teas, bright orange Thai tea, coffee milk te, etc.

Moreover, the tea house menus include matcha, macchiato, and white teas to pick from a well. Besides tea, slushies, milk drinks, and lactose-free beverages are available at boba shops. Some toppings include


You can boil the bite-sized Boba. Moreover, you can flavor it with a sweet flavor. It enhances the taste of your milk drink. Additionally, this is the classic combo that individuals go for.

Grass Jelly 

It might be gross in flavor, but it is Chinese-made mesona, a mint plant. A little bit of sugar is added to make it taste better. It is like pudding in texture paired with milk tea or coffee-based drinks.

Taro Balls

These mid-chewy balls melt in your mouth when you add them to your boba tea. They are made from taro, sweet potatoes, and tapioca flour. You can eat them as dessert in both iced and hot forms.

Whipped Cream 

A new addition to the topping family of boba includes whipped cream that is salty, glossy, and thick in consistency. Surprisingly, cheese tea is available with whipped powder and cream cheese with salt to balance the taste. It either has a mousse-like or foam-like texture.


This combination is not the traditional pudding. You can make it from eggs,cream, gelatin and sugar. You can even chew it and add your favorite flavors for the best-preferred drink.

How To Serve Boba?

You can get customized sweetness level, toppings, and ice. All you need to do is you order boba near me, . You get special boba straws according to your order. Some boba shops have short cups, and some have wide-base cups.

Boba tea is also served like Starbucks coffee at some places. If you order hot drinks, you get them in the typical cup with an attached spoon if you add toppings. Alongside the boba drink, you also get Taiwanese snacks. For instance, popcorn chicken, french fries with spices, minced pork, rice, and tea eggs.

Moreover, the menu and the serving style differ according to the size and innovation of the shop.

What Is The Cost For Boba?

If you search for boba near me, you will get price ranges according to your particular area. The popular and reputed boba shops can charge you more. However, if you choose a cheaper shop, the ranges are between $3 +.

Moreover, if you get toppings, you must pay extra cents. If you are an organic food lover, boba shops offer these drinks at a higher price. However, the cost is worth of quality and taste ultimately.

Where To Buy Boba?

With the latest trend of bubble tea or boba tea, you may be curious to try it once. Mostly you need help finding the right shops for it. However, the best way to reach out to the top qualitative boba shop is to search on Google’ Google’ boba near me’‘.

Moreover, you can find prices, menus, and reviews alongside everything to make your selection easier.IIn contrast, your family and friends can suggest the best place. In order Getting the best shop Taiwanese boba near me leads you to cultural tea, even in Asian markets.


To sum up, with the increased demand for bubble tea/boba tea, every other corner has a shop for it. However, most need to focus on the right quality and taste. The making of this drink includes blends, reheating, temperature control, etc. For this reason, you shall choose the best places to have a good experience. Undoubtedly the more you keep it simple, the more flavor it gives you. Once your taste buds get the like, you can never get over it.

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