Best Bidet Converter Kit Ideas And Reviews- Why You Need It?

Bidet Converter Kit

According to experts, hygiene is the foremost priority in maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Apart from the clean surroundings, personal cleanliness is given more importance. Moreover, we use our bathrooms the most; the area with the most germs is the toilet seat.

Furthermore, doctors do not recommend using toilet paper to clean your sensitive areas. This develops severe fungal infections leading to deadly diseases. However, if you want to save your and your loved ones’ lives, a new invention has landed on the planet as a hygiene alternative.

Stick till the end to learn everything about improvement for bathroom hygiene!

What Is A Bidet Converter Kit?

For some individuals, a bidet converter kit might be a new concept. Like other bath accessories, the bidet is also an accessory useful for cleaning and washing your genital areas in the toilet.

Additionally, it improves our hygiene and is more comfortable than tissue paper. Apart from that, people of all ages can use it to avoid bad smells and allergies. Bidet is the best option during menstruation and the post-childbirth era.

Moreover, this device ensures you are self-satisfied with your hygienic organs. Most people are unhappy with tissue wiping. In that case, the bidet soothes sensitive areas. Additionally, the best part is saving yourself. You are protecting the planet with limited use of toilet paper and waste.

How To Convert Your Toilet Into Bidet?

Bidet attachments are fixed in between your toilet seat and bowel area. To begin with, you have to switch off the water supply in your bathroom. Then you must unscrew the hose and use a t valve to fix the bidet.

Undoubtedly you can do this process in approximately 10 minutes. Moreover, the attachment bidets save you time and money both. However, there are individual standing bidets, but they are only available in some places.

How Does Bidet Converter Kit Work?

Bidet converter kits work by connecting to your water line from the toilet tank. Most bidets attach only to the cold water from the toilet tank, but some bidets also connect to the hot water supply line. Bidets can be activated by remote control, a control knob, or by squeezing a handheld sprayer.

These plumbing appliances typically have a standard rear wash, but some also include a front or feminine wash. However, bidet toilet kits have various advanced features, such as deodorizers, warm air dryers, self-cleaning modes, nightlights, and other options.

Different Types Of Bidet Converter Kits

Initially, you do not only have the option to transform your toilet into a bidet, but you can rebuild a high-end bidet toilet as well. They are very sleek and luxuriously designed. Moreover, all the washlets and hoses are covered, so they do not look ugly.

Some well-known types of bidet converter kits are

Handheld Spray

This is the most common and basic converter which works on water pressure. In seconds two types of toilet seats 

  • A Non-Electric Toilet Seat

The non-electric seat offers you basic water cleansing.

  • An Electric Toilet Seat

A non-electric toilet seat has extended features for you. It includes a heated warm water option and a warm air drying feature.

According to the surveys, people feel lighter, fresher, and cleaner after washing with water instead of toilet paper. 

Converter Or Bidet

Those who use toilet paper use it quite hard on their genitals, while bidet helps you cure hemorrhoid pain and irritability of the skin. However, a full bidet is expensive and takes up more space.

Undoubtedly, this is impractical for houses with small bathroom areas. Contrarily bidet converter kits are cheaper and easy to install, giving you multiple benefits. However, it does not offer heated water and a pressure adjuster in some cases.

Full Bidet 

The material used in fixing the full bathroom bidet is porcelain. It stands separate from the toilet seat. Once free, you must sit on the bidet to clean yourself. However, If you are into interior designs and fancy bathroom styles, this model will suit you best. Additionally, full bidets are temperature controlled and can be adjusted for the water pressure.

Top Bidet Converter Kit In 2023

Although there are thousands of bidet converters available worldwide, some of the top and most commonly used ones are

Remote Controlled Bemis BioBidet Bliss Elongated Toilet Seat

This toilet seat comes in white with a warm air dryer feature. It has smart bidet toilet sensors that detect when you sit on it. Moreover, it can also be controlled manually by a remote. You can purchase it from online retailers like Amazon. Its cost ranges from $559.

 LUXE Neo 185 Non-Electric Bidet Kit Attachment

This attachment is non-electric and easy to install. However, the best part is you can contrast it with your bathroom tile color. It comes in white, blue and rose gold color. It has especially been designed for females who are in a sensitive period. Additionally, it has a rear wash with a self-cleaning nozzle for ease. You can buy it on Amazon for $43.

Arofa Handheld Bidet Sprayer

This adjustable water sprayer with handheld pressure control is made of stainless steel. However, If you cannot afford large, expensive budgets for your bathroom, you should invest in this bidet converter to achieve personal hygiene at low costs. Moreover, Amazon is selling around 6 options starting from $26.

Features Of Bidet Converter Kit

Although every bidet converter and kit has different positive and negative aspects. Moreover, the features are quite different from each other. Such as

  • Bidet kits have fewer features but are inexpensive.
  • You do not need electricity to run the attachments.
  • Non-electric seats are affordable and run on home water pressure.
  •  Electric seats have increased comfort and features.
  • You can transform your bathroom into a high-tech luxury. 
  • Handheld sprays are mounted with your toilet seats with a sink spray option.
  • You can clean your genitals directly using the button and a splash of water.

Benefits Of Bidet Converter Kit

According to the researchers, using water to clean your sensitive parts offers many benefits. For example,

  • Enema wash to keep the areas lubricated and clean.
  • Clean environment and better personal hygiene.
  • It limits the germ spread and saves you from deadly diseases.
  • Durable and affordable for your bathroom.
  • A better bathroom experience with easy installation.
  • Adjustable and controllable manually.
  • Malleable product with zero leakage chances.


To sum up, if you wish to elongate your life alongside your loved ones, you must take care of your personal hygiene and cleanliness. Moreover, you are free to choose things that will benefit you. The bidet converter kit is affordable, beneficial, and has enough features to improve your bathroom experience. 

Additionally, there is no shame in talking about sensitive matters in public. You can share your experience with others to save the lives of hundreds of people.

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