How Do I Delete A Wix URL? Complete Ways

How Do I Delete A Wix URL

URL is essential for running a website. Not in any case, a website can exist without the URL link. That’s why Wix url services exist. Almost every business needs a website to market their products. For that reason, you can see a lot of people buying url domains for their pages. At times, you want to bring changes to your business. Therefore, you can exchange or delete the Wix URL. You must wonder, How Do I Delete a Wix URL?”  Consequently, deleting the URL can affect your website. Hence, it would help if you acknowledged a few things about the deletion of the Wix URL. In that way, you can not disturb your business or website. For that, Etech Ideas will help you with a detailed justification. 

How Do I Delete A Wix URL? 

Wix URLs are important for running any website. Wix URLs are unique domains with different characters to present your website. Hence, it would help if you had the URL to make your website stand out. Moreover, you can also create your URL with a unique name. In that way, your target audience can identify you in the market. How to delete a Wix site URL? However, you can have clashes on your website. Unfortunately, you should delete the URL at that moment. Eventually, you can learn the basic tips to delete the Wix URL. 

Steps To Delete A Wix Website URL?  

You must be wondering about how to delete a URL on Wix. Moreover, you can not delete the URL without knowing some factors. 

  • Firstly, back up your website. That way, you can keep your data and content from the website. 
  • Afterward, you can access your Wix dashboard and navigate your website. 
  • From there, you can click on “edit site.” 
  • In the editor option, you can find a toolbar with three dots.
  • Eventually, a list must appear with options for changing the website. 
  • Furthermore, you can find “advanced settings.” 
  • Thus, you can choose the option of “delete page.” 

How To Remove A Wix Domain URL? 

You must be wondering why to delete Wix site URL. There are various reasons for deleting the URL. You must be posting content similar to other websites. Hence, you need to delete the URL to avoid copyright issues. Moreover, you need to bring some changes to your website. The changes can be in the display or theme. You can delete the URL while changing the website design. Furthermore, you can delete the URL when the content is outdated. Consequently, you can change the content after deleting the URL for some time.  

How To Delete A Wix Subdomain? 

The subdomain is the URL portion that comes before the main domain. At times, you do not need to delete the whole URL. All you need is to change the subdomain.  At last, you can answer, “How do I delete a Wix URL?” Hence, the subdomain also represents the website. The main reason for deleting the subdomain is to change the website’s structure. Moreover, deleting the subdomain is similar to deleting the domain. Hence, you can delete the subdomain from the editor of the website’s settings.


To summarise, you need a perfect domain for your website. That’s why you spend dollars to buy the domain from the website. However, there are times when you need changes in the website domain. For that, you can remove the URL of your website. In that way, you can bring changes as much as you can. You must wonder, “How do I delete a Wix URL?”  Consequently, you can delete the Wix URL from the website setting. Moreover, it’s suggested to back up the content from your website. Hence, Etech Ideas helps you know the ways to delete the URL from the editing option in the settings.  


Can you temporarily delete the website’s URL?

At times, you need changes to your website. For that reason, you need to remove the URL for some time. Fortunately, you can Delete Wix site URL temporarily.

Why do you need a subdomain of your website?

In search, “How to delete a Wix subdomain?” Subdomain represents the first part of the domain. It has the main name of your website that structures your website. Hence, you can delete it from the editing option in the setting.

Is deletion of URLs a tough task?

Deleting URLs is not a tough task if you know the Steps to delete a Wix website URL. Hence, the backing up and deletion from the editing option in the settings is an essential part of the process. 

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