How Do I Delete Hangouts From Gmail? Problem Solved!

How Do I Delete Hangouts From Gmail

You all are fond of knowing new people online. Hence, you must be looking for people with similar interests. For that reason, you prefer multiple platforms for communication. Moreover, using a similar application must sound boring. Thus, you must have tried Google Hangouts. At times, you need to remove the application for various reasons. Well, the answer to How Do I Delete Hangouts from Gmail? seems complex, yet it is a straightforward option. Fortunately, you can delete Google Hangouts quickly once you know the exact process. Therefore, let’s take help from the Etech Ideas blog for a satisfactory answer. At last, you will save a lot of space in your system by deleting Google Hangouts. 

How To Remove Hangouts From Gmail?   

Before jumping into the process, let’s learn about Google Hangouts. Thus, the application enables you to communicate with others worldwide. Moreover, you can make voice or video calls from the application. However, you can waste pretty time on these applications. Additionally, you can get bored with the application. Therefore, you can learn how to delete Google Hangouts from Gmail. 

  • At first, you will access your Google Hangout account with your Gmail settings. 
  • You will insert the credentials to open the Google Hangouts Account.
  • Moreover, you will move to the “chat and meet” option. 
  • Eventually, you can save the data for later use. 
  • Ultimately, you have options for deletion or disabling the account. 
  • Finally, you will confirm the deletion process.

How To Disable Hangouts On Google? 

Sometimes, you must figure out the difference between disabling or deletion. However, you will lose connection in both cases. Moreover, disabling Hangouts in Gmail refers to closing the account for a time. Eventually, deleting will lead to losing the account forever. You will not get back your old account. Thus, it’s better to think before deleting the Hangouts on Google. 

How Do I Uninstall Hangouts From Gmail?  

At times, you do not want to let go of the application. Ultimately, you want to get some space in your system. However, you at times, want to take a break from every social media application. For that reason, you need to learn “How do I delete hangouts from Gmail?”  You will not delete the application but rather uninstall the application. Once you can use the application, you will reinstall it.

How To Turn off Hangouts In Gmail? 

Eventually, you can eliminate the application by turning off the hangouts. How to get rid of hangouts in Gmail? Hence, you will not need to remove Google Hangouts from Gmail. Ultimately, you will go to the settings option in the application. Moreover, you will change the settings from “chat and meet.” From there, you will turn off the hangouts. At last, you will turn on the hangouts whenever you need. 


To summarise, you have explored a lot of communication applications. Although, now you want to take a break from the social media application. Thus, the reason can be various. It would help if you wanted to focus on your work or studies. Hence, you are finding it easy to get rid of the application. You wonder, “How do I delete hangouts from Gmail?” Eventually, you can log in to the hangout account by Gmail using the Etech Ideas guide. Thus, you can delete, disable, uninstall, or turn off the application. Whatever suits you, you can quickly get rid of the application.  At last, you will no longer get notifications from Google Hangouts. 


Is Gmail mandatory for the deletion of hangouts?

Yes, you will only Disable Hangouts in Gmail after accessing the website. For that reason, you must know your Gmail credentials. 

Will Google Hangouts remove your data?

Sometimes you wonder, “How to get rid of Hangouts in Gmail?” so Google removes the data from your Google Hangout account when you don’t save it before deletion. 

How does disabling Hangouts help?

Once you disable Google Hangouts, you will not notifications. Hence, you can focus on other stuff while keeping the application. 

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