How Do I Delete Multiple Files in Salesforce?  Ultimate Guide

How Do I Delete Multiple Files in Salesforce

Managing files can be a challenging task. You can lose a lot of important stuff from data. Sometimes, you need to remember the file, which takes forever. If you are working at the office, you must have Salesforce. For that reason, you need to know Salesforce and its importance.

Moreover, you need to ask, “How Do I Delete Multiple Files in Salesforce?” After that, you can manage your files at the workplace. Hence, you will not face embarrassment when your boss asks for a particular file. Furthermore, you can also work in relaxation. Let’s discover the answer in the Etech Ideas blog for further clarity. 

How to Delete Multiple Files in Salesforce  

Files are the most essential asset at your workplace. You might get in trouble if any of the files misplaces. Thus, that’s why you require specific software to handle the files. At times, the names, letters, and numbers of files match. Hence, you might need clarification, and finding the required file takes a long time. That’s why you prefer using Salesforce for managing files. As, it is the most reliable and helpful application for managing your files. 

Eventually, you save a lot of files in the application for later use. At times, you will not need some of the files. For that reason, you will need to delete some of them to clear the space. You must wonder, “How to delete files in Salesforce?” or “How to delete multiple documents in Salesforce?” 

  • Firstly, you will open a Salesforce account. 
  • Afterwards, you will move to the “files” option in the account. 
  • Moreover, you will select all the files that you want to delete.
  • Furthermore, you will select the “delete” option to clear all the space. 
  • At last, you will need confirmation to delete all the selected files. 

Eventually, you have successfully deleted all the unnecessary files from Salesforce. Now you can answer, “How do I delete multiple files in Salesforce?” 

You can learn with Etech ideas for better usage of the salesforce application. 

Mass Delete Files in Salesforce 

Salesforce is best for managing files in a mass amount. You can save files in multiple amounts. Although, you will need to remove them once it’s not useless. Moreover, you will need to know about deleting multiple files in Salesforce. Hence, you can select the files in bulk and delete them. Thus, you do not have to choose every file to clear the data. Finally, you can delete the whole file section if you want. 

Methods for Salesforce Delete Files  

You might need some source in your system at the back. Eventually, you can manage all the files at a time. Ultimately, you can lose a lot of files, which can humiliate you at your workplace. Furthermore, you can also face financial losses at work. Moreover, keeping all the files in a manageable application is better to be safe. Thus, when you insert your name or date, all your files are in front of you. You do not have to look in the system for a single file all day. Salesforce deletes multiple files as well to keep the space clear. You must know, “How do I delete multiple files in Salesforce?” 

That way, you will surely see a lot of productivity and efficiency in your work. Moreover, you will save plenty of your time. Even the work quality will improve once you manage your files in Salesforce. At last, you should always have a salesforce application in your system for effective working. 


Ultimately, managing your files at the workplace is a challenging task. You might misplace many files in search of a particular file your boss asked for. Hence, you will need software to manage all fields you need later in life. For that reason, Salesforce exists. Thus, you will save all the files systematically to use in the future. At times, you do not need the saved files anymore. Therefore, you learned “How to delete files in Salesforce?” 

At last, you can delete mass files at a time to clear space. That way, you can also save time and energy for managing other files. 

How does Salesforce delete files?

Once you save the file in your Salesforce, you can also delete it. For that, you will go to the files in your account. Afterward, you will select all the files that you want to delete. That is how “Salesforce delete files” works.

How to Mass delete files in Salesforce?

Sometimes, you need to delete a whole junk of files from the system. You need “Mass delete files in Salesforce” just to rescue. All you need is to select the whole file section at once and click delete.

Is there any limitation in deleting files? 

You must know “How to delete multiple documents in Salesforce?” Although there are certain limitations on the number of deleting files in Salesforce. You can not cross that limit to clear space. 

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