How Do I Turn Off My Premium Fitbit? A Complete Guide

How Do I Turn Off My Premium Fitbit

In this technological world, you need more time to take care of your health. That’s why you find a lot of devices that help in a health advisory. Moreover, the smart Fitbit applications will guide you with ultimate health advice without worrying about doctor visits. At times, the premium version of Fitbit applications can be really expensive. If you do not feel like using the application you can learn ‘How Do I Turn Off my Premium Fitbit?’ and shut it down temporarily through the Etech Ideas guide. Moreover, you can save your battery life by canceling your premium Fitbit subscription as well.

How Do I Turn Off My Premium Fitbit?

Fitbit application helps you keep a check and balance on your health in your busiest lifestyle. Most businessmen and working women prefer using the Fitbit application for a better lifestyle. For that reason, many people get premium Fitbit to avoid going to the gym and spending money on nutritionists. At times, you do feel the need to know “How do I turn off my premium Fitbit?”  and you want to turn off the premium Fitbit subscriptions. The reason can vary from the usage to the battery health of your device.

  • You will need to access your Fitbit application on a particular device. 
  • After that, you have to open the application on the device. 
  • From there, you go to the settings on the device. 
  • At last, from the settings option, you will turn off the premium Fitbit subscriptions.
  • You will also get a confirmation notice on your device for premium cancellation. 
  • Ultimately, you will select “power off.” 

Eventually, you now know “How do I turn off my premium Fitbit?” so you can successfully turn off the application from your device. 

How To Turn Off Fitbit Versa? 

Just like mobile devices and watches, the application has multiple series too. You will find the versa series of the application in the device. However, you might need to turn off the versa application on your devices. Let’s see “How to turn off fitbit versa 2 “or “How to shut off Fitbit Versa?”

The process is similar to turning off the Fitbit application on the devices. 

  • All you need is access your application on the device. 
  • After that, you will open the application on your devices. 
  • Furthermore, you will look for the settings in the application. 
  • Moreover, you can bring changes from the settings option. 
  • At last, you will choose the “turn off” option from the settings. 

How To Turn Off Fitbit Charge 3?  

Over time, three more series were introduced in the Fitbit application. All of them have some unique features to bring a healthy lifestyle. Moreover, all these applications have a slightly different way of operating. Hence, they require different ways to turn off on your device. At this point, you might be wondering, “How to turn off fitbit charge 2?” or “How to turn off fitbit blaze?”  However, the process is more or less the same when turning off the application. 

Moreover, with more recent technology, people demand more changes. For that reason, you will find Fitbit Inspire and Alta HR applications. You should turn them off as well to conserve battery. Therefore, you must know “How to turn off Fitbit Inspire?” or “How to turn off Fitbit Alta HR?” Fortunately, the process is the same for all the series for turning off. You can apply the turning-off option to all the applications. 


Ultimately, you can save the battery health of your smartwatches and devices if you have the Fitbit application. Moreover, you will need to turn off the premium version of your application to save money. At times, you don’t need the application anymore. So you can use the Etech Ideas guide to know the accurate answer to How do I turn off my premium Fitbit?”  by canceling the subscription. However, sometimes you might want to remove the application from your devices. Fortunately, the process is simple and easy. All you need to do is delete the application from the settings option. 


Will deleting the application erase my data?

Hence, if you wanna know “How to turn off Fitbit Versa?” mind that you will not lose your data after turning off the application from the device. Thus, you can recover the data after signing in again to the application. 

How to turn on the application again?

If you now know “How to turn off Fitbit Blaze?” you may turn it on again by signing in to the application from the button on the device. Hence, you can press and hold the button on the device. 

Will you conserve the battery by turning off the application?

Yes, If you know, “How do I turn off my premium Fitbit?” you can save a lot of battery by turning the app off. 

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