Norstrat- Everything About Strategy Building And Business 


Do you want professional guidance to ensure you get all the chunks of growth and development for your company? Many consultant companies are claiming the best assistance for clients. However, that is only the case for some. Some so many scams and frauds take place in the business industry.

In order to solve your problems, you can read about the best consultant company Norstrat!

What Is Norstrat?

It is known as the Canadian northern strategy. You can rank this company among the best in assisting business people. It is not just the small businesses but the government, military, and other corporate companies who also seek help from them.

If you wish to grow your business to great heights, this company shall be your ultimate choice. They work like a family with every company. Moreover, It has been designed specifically to fulfill particular business objectives and responsibilities.They implement digital strategies according to your needs.

Moreover, it is run by Lee Carson.The company is running contracts under the price of $200 Million in Canada. This company is more involved in larger government structures and projects.

History Of Norstrat

Norstrat was founded in 2010 .It was a joint collaboration of the Canadian military and government officials. To begin with, it was just a small office in Canada. Furthermore, this consultant company was later on expanded to the USA.

It provides international companies with digital marketing strategies for the customers and their services/products. Moreover, they cover PR and telecommunication services as well.

Apart from that, they also provide consultancy for new businesses in the market. The main focus of this company is to provide guidance and assistance for businesses of all types. Additionally, the trained professionals work on designing and developing the campaigning strategy and business development.

The experts at Norstrat work on the task in divisions. Every individual worker has expertise in a particular area. In order to think more about other things, businesses hire consultant companies to reduce their workload and the hassle of brainstorming on every little aspect.

What Are The Objectives Of Norstrat?

This consultation firm proves to be an excellent service provider for your business growth. It has some focussed areas of objectives for attracting clients:

  • Create an identity for the corporate market.
  • Support marketing plans and campaigns for businesses.
  • Trustworthy consultancy with a team of security to save sensitive information.
  • Interns of Canadian military and institutions cover public relations exposure in strategic planning.
  • You get good business cards, brochures, and letterheads in your marketing strategies.
  • The consultant company’s identity springs up your business even more in the market.

What Services Does Norstrat Offer?

The main services offered by this consultant company are of main importance. such as

  • Strategic and dedicated council for your campaign planning.
  • Expert professionals for every field.
  • They define the Operational requirements beforehand. 
  • Bid management assistance is provided for every business.
  • Every project has special strategic business training for the developmental process.
  • Associated management is provided for every project.
  • Strategic planning for every project.
  • Better risk management for every project.

Moreover, thus the company has expertise in strategic planning. They have faced almost zero failures in their implementation.

Business Growth

This company was flagged under the best business growth consultant companies. They attained success in the national companies as of the innovative strategies they provide. Moreover, they work on all the administrative details.

Focused Capital

They provide perfect expertise in projects with focused capital. For example, they also completed the radarsat constellation mission and radarsat II projects.

Moreover, this company provides training programs for leadership development, professional development, and business and executive coaching programs.

Description And Management Support

This company provides strategic training for business development, recording, and bidding support. Moreover, the purchase strategy is described alongside performance requirements. Additionally, the devices are strategically devised for the company’s northern strategy with marketing research and identity design. The best part is they pride themselves on the latest digital consultation for every company.

In addition, these programs provide proper training and decisions on employee careers. The company follows the latest and up-to-date trends for strategic marketing plans. The soft and hard skills are both polished for all the workers from time to time.

Some of the best technologies that this consultant company uses are GoDaddy DNS, Google font API, WordPress, and JQuery Migrate. The recent strategy update includes oil company consultations, underwater search systems, satellite imagery, etc., to view the target areas better. Moreover, it is in the process of commissioning private-sector military businesses and works for public health officials.

Clients Of Norstrat

Norstrat consults businesses of all large and small-scale levels. It may be startups or big-scale organizations that guide all varieties of companies. For apple, consumer products, healthcare, entertainment sector, and financial services are all included in its consultancy strategy.

Additionally, the marketing services include social media platform handling, paid media planning, campaign consultation, etc. People also approach this company for advertisement development, event organization, and market research.

Some of the major clients of this consultant company are:

  • Charles Schwab & Co.
  • Walt Disney 
  • World Bank

Benefits Of Working With Norstrat

This consultant organization has years of experience with multinational firms and large-scale companies. They help you grow and develop your business and its objectives with an experienced crew of professionals.

Moreover, many international businesses rely on this consultant company to achieve their goals and objectives. The best possible public services are provided to organizations to expand their businesses effortlessly. They also offer pre businesses assistance for every company they work with. In addition, a few benefits for employees include:

  • Seminars on professional development
  • Business/executive coaching 
  • Leadership development 


In a nutshell, consultancy is not a thing to be ignored when you run a business. Moreover, there is a diversified range of services that Norstrat provides to its clients. All large and small corporate and startups and government and military organizations take hold of assistance for their business development and growth.

In addition, the customized planning for camping and strategies for your business proves fruitful at every cost. All of the mentioned pro points will compel you to avail of their services for your business growth and development.

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